Trigger send the email - bulk (Journeys)

To send a journey you can trigger sending to selected subscribers (in bulk).

IMPORTANT: The Journey should be ready to go and activated to send BEFORE triggering.

To bulk send you need to import a spreadsheet. Here is an easy way to do this...

Open the FeedsyMailHQ

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click the blue button GO TO HQ 
  2. From anywhere in your FeedsyCentre, click the side menu FeedsyMailHQ

Open your FeedsyList

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click List & Subscribers then FeedsyList (or Main List)

Export your FeedsyList

  1. Export
  2. Select:
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Campaign

Edit the spreadsheet

  1. Open in Excel (or Google Sheets etc)
  2. For the clients you wish to send this campaign to:
    1. IMPORTANT: If there is already something in their Campaigns Column, DO NOT DELETE what is already there - instead put || (SHIFT+\) next to the current entry before adding the new campaign.
    2. Add the campaign name to their Campaign Column - eg Referrals 1-5
    3. In the example below...
      1. We want to trigger the Referrals 1-5 email journey for Gavin, Garry, Kirsty and Peter.
      2. Gavin, Garry and Kirsty had no existing Campaigns so simply had Referrals 1-5 added to their column.
      3. Peter already had Budget promo in the campaigns column so a || was added between Budget promo and Referrals 1-5 (ie Budget promo||Referrals 1-5)
  3. Save the Excel (or export to excel or CSV file) once you have added Referrals 1-5 (or whatever campaign you are doing) to the selected subscribers (it can be all if you like).


You may wish to send your Journey off in batches (ie by client type or other existing segment already created). However, if you do not have any segments you can send off in batches based on first name.

  1. Make sure the spreadsheet has a header row.
  2. Sort by the Name column (A-Z). See example below (done in Google Sheets).
  3. Add (copy and paste) "Referrals 1-5" to the Campaign Column of first names beginning with A-K, etc).
  4. Save and import the entire spreadsheet as only the updated rows will import because the other have not changed.

Upload the subscribers - bulk import

  1. Go to the List & Subscribers > FeedsyList screen
  2. Click: Add new subscribers or Add subscribers (either green button)
  3. Click: Select it from your computer instead ...
  4. Browse your computer to find the Excel or CSV file 
    1. Open
  5. Or you can drag and drop the file onto the web box
  6. Click: Import these subscribers (green button)

Match file columns and complete

  1. The imported file columns should already match (because their names were created by your export), ie:
    1. NAME belongs to Full name
    2. EMAIL ADDRESS belongs to Email address
    3. CAMPAIGNS belongs to Campaigns
  2. Check and then press: Finish adding subscribers (green button)
  3. The next screen will confirm that no new people were added and that the people you added Referrals 1-5 to were updated
  4. You may also see that previously deleted or unsubscribes were also unchanged.
  5. This import will trigger the 1st email in the 5 email journey.

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