To edit a Journey email

Open FeedsyMailHQ

  1. Login to your FeedsyCentre.
  2. Click on FeedsyMailHQ

Select the journey

  1. Automation.
  2. Click on the Journey to edit (eg BirthdayMail, New Subscriber welcome, Referrals Follow-up, Referrals 1-5)
    In this example we are editing Referrals 1-5.

Email Subject and From details

  1. Select the email you wish to edit (there may be more than one so scroll down).
  2. Step name: we recommend not changing this.
  3. Subject line: the subject that is seen in people's inboxes.
  4. From: this is the sender name and email address that is seen in people's inboxes.
  5. If you are not changing anything else, scroll down and click Save.

Edit the content

There are different elements you can customise:

  1. Top text
  2. Image (which you can add, link to a URL or remove)
  3. Stories (3 display styles - which you can select none, one or more posts from your FeedsyWeb)
  4. Button (Advocator package only)
  5. Bottom text (usually "From the team at...")

Select Edit for each on the right hand side and edit them in the left hand window.

Edit top text

  1. Edit.
  2. Make your text changes (including bold, italic, bullet, number list and adding links).
  3. Save changes.

Edit image

  1. Edit.
  2. Cog (edit the link, remove the link or remove the image).
  3. In this example we removed the image.
  4. Save changes.

Select stories (optional)

If you do not wish to include any stories then skip to Edit the button.

If you wish to include one or more stories from your FeedsyWeb you can select from 3 styles:

  1. Title only (top option) - displays hyperlinked titles of the stories
  2. Big image and title (middle option) - stacked displayed stories like the FeedsyMail template
  3. Image and title side by side (bottom option) - efficient display of smaller image and titles. 

Select stories

  1. Click Load posts or Manage posts.
  2. If no stories appear then copy and paste the URL of the FeedsyCentre from the browser above (before "/wp-admin..."), eg:
  3. Tick the story that you wish to include.
    In this example we did not include ANY stories...
  4. Done.

Edit Button (Advocator Packages only)

  1. Edit.
  2. Change the button text.
  3. Cog (edit the link, remove the link).
  4. Save changes.

Edit bottom text

  1. Edit.
  2. Make your text changes (including bold, italic, bullet, number list and adding links).
  3. Save changes.


  1. Hit preview to see you edits.
  2. Save & return to journey (if everything looks awesome) or
    Make more changes (if you want to edit some more).

Check (and Save again if needed)

  1. If you have changed then, check the Subject and From info (just in case).
  2. If Save button is green then press it (if it is grey do not worry about it).

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