Getting started with XPLAN integration

Getting Started

  1. Please provide with an existing (or sample/test) XPLAN email address as well as the person's full name (as it appears in XPLAN).
  2. We will send a test email to it for you to confirm that it arrived correctly.
  3. If so*, then we will check your plan and notify you of any additional fees that may be incurred.
  4. We will provide specific instructions (based on your current FeedsyList) on how to provide a spreadsheet for your XPLAN List.
  5. You will then click on the GET STARTED link below to upload your XPLAN List and authorise any additional fees.
  6. We will upload the list for you and set everything up.


* If not, we will help you wth troubleshooting.

Please note: You may need to manage bounces and unsubscribes in your XPLAN List.

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