How XPLAN integration works

XPLAN integration is available on all Campaigner and Advocator plans and may require ListPlus* in some cases.

With this integration, Feedsy emails are added to a client record within XPLAN.

How it works:

  1. A second FeedsyList (called your XPLAN List) is created with all the same info except that the XPLAN email address** is used instead.
  2. Any segments that are created in your FeedsyList will also be duplicated into the XPLAN List.
  3. Emails are sent to both the normal FeedsyList (and any of its segments) AND the XPLAN List (and any corresponding duplicate segment).
  4. The XPLAN email address will generate a record of the email in XPLAN.

** A client XPLAN email address looks like this:

Adding ListPlus to your package

  1. Every XPLAN email address counts as a full email address so if you have 2000 normal email addresses that each have an XPLAN email address then your list size will grow to 2 x 4000.
  2. So ListPlus may be needed to extend your sending capacity because standard Lite plans have a maximum of 500 and normal plans have a limit of 2500 email addresses.
  3. See pricing and upgrade if needed.

Please note: You may need to manage bounces and unsubscribes in your XPLAN List.

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