Troubleshoot: New stories do not appear

Sometimes if a story is created in your FeedsyCentre after the FeedsyFlash has been set-up, the newest stories will not appear. 

If Show Newer Posts does not work do the following...

Remove the source site

  1. Content edit screen
  2. Manage Posts (if the story list does not appear on 
  3. Click on the source site name
  4. Cut the web address (so it is saved in your clipboard to paste later)
  5. Return to Snapshot
  6. OK to leave the site

Reset the browser

  1. Hard refresh (SHIFT + Refresh button)
  2. Wait til screen refreshes
  3. Second Edit button

Add the source website address

  1. Scroll down to Specify a website
  2. Paste the URL of your FeedsyWeb (from your Cut before)
  3. The latest stories should now be there
  4. Select stories
  5. Done

Preview and continue with your FeedsyFlash creation...

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