Troubleshooting Xplan email bounces

Some Xplan servers may bounce your xplan file note emails.

There are 2 ways to improve the chances of these email being received:

  1. Verifying the domain name
  2. Whitelisting the sending servers

1. Verifying the domain name

  1. Verifying your domain name for the email address you send your Feedsy emails can increase the chances of your xplan emails being received by Xplan. For more info.
  2. We are happy to do this for you.
    1. All we need is login access to your domain name host provider.
  3. If you wish to do this then please email and request info to give to your IT person:
    1. It will be simple instructions to add a TXT record into the DNS (it's easy and will take a few minutes).

2. Whitelisting the sending servers

  1. OK, this is pretty full-on and is only very rarely needed when receivers from the same location/server cannot receive emails.
  2. This is the job for a system administrator.
  3. Below are the addresses you can whitelist if you're having trouble delivering email from Feedsy software to your own network. Depending on your situation, you can whitelist sending domains or IP addresses.
  4. Return-path sending domains
    1. Instead of whitelisting all of our sending IP addresses, you can whitelist our domains. They currently include through to
  5. Authenticated domains
    1. If you have set up authentication, you will also want to whitelist the domain you have authenticated. Subdomains can be authenticated, if your mail administrator would like to limit access further.
  6. Sending IP addresses
    1. Below are the IP ranges we use for sending email:
  7. In cases where you need to whitelist IPs to receive email from our servers, we recommend mail administrators set up custom rules within their email filtering software. To work, the rule must match both of these conditions:
    1. The email is coming from one of our IPs or sending domains ( through
    2. The email contains your domain in the "From" address.
    3. Any email that doesn't match one of these conditions can be rejected. A custom rule like this is generally an acceptable solution for security teams and mail administrators.

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