Feeding Feedsy stories to your Wordpress website

For Wordpress sites, it is possible to feed the stories from your FeedsyWeb page to your Blog page.

However please be aware of the following:

  1. Your developer will need to install and configure plugins. We recommend WP RSS Aggregator (free) + WP RSS Aggregator - Feed to Post (small annual fee)
  2. Your developer will need to install and configure another Feedsy plugin (contact us for more info)
  3. You will not be able to drag and drop the order of your stories
  4. You will provide a RSS URL from YOUR site to feed into your FeedsyMail (easy to do)
  5. You will still need to login to your FeedsyWeb to manage your subscribers etc but you will not be reviewing, re-arranging or adding stories there (this will now be done on your own Blog)
  6. There is no need to make the URL of your FeedsyWeb public (as you'll want people going to your Blog, right?)
  7. Your Feedsy content will remain canonicalised (which means that Google will not be able to index and find it) but your own content will continue to be searchable in Google.

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