How to permanently remove subscribers

To permanently remove Bounced or Deleted subscribers

  1. Login to FeedsyCentre
  2. FeedsyMailHQ
  3. List & Subscribers > Selct FeedsyList (or the list you wish to delete subscribers from)

Export subscribers

  1. Export if you wish to bulk remove subscribers -(otherwise skip to Remove subscribers below).
  2. Note: You should only remove Bounced or Deleted subscribers. Do not remove Unsubscribed.

  1. Export either (or both): Manually Deleted Subscribers and/or Bounced Subscribers
  2. [Tick{ Email addresses (only)
  3. Export Subscribers

  1. Open the exported spreadsheet(s)
  2. Copy the email addresses

Remove subscribers

  1. Back in FeedsyMailHQ (FeedsyList)
  2. Remove subscribers

  1. Either type in email addresses (one per line) or paste the email addresses (copied from the exported spreadsheet)
  2. [Tick] Erase permanently from this client
  3. Remove subscribers

  1. [Tick] Yes, erase XX subscribers permanently
  2. Erase subscribers

Check subscribers have been removed

  1. See the subscribers removed "0" in the Deleted and/or Bounced totals

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