Scheduling a story

You may wish to schedule your story to be published in the future.

By doing so, the story will not be visible to the public and will display in the story list of your FeedsyCentre as  - Scheduled.

Power Tip:

  1. Scheduling your story on the day of your FeedsyMail send (but before the send) will mean that the story date will be the same as the FeedsyMail send date.
  2. Recommend scheduling to, say, 3am so it is after midnight but before your send at, say, 8:30am.

Change publish date

  1. In the story editor.
  2. Scroll down to Publish section.
  3. Do not Publish.
  4. Instead, Publish immediately > Edit
  5. Adjust the date and time settings.
  6. OK.
  7. Schedule.
  8. Note: if the story is already published you can still change the date (either back in time or future scheduled (which will hide it from view until that date).

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