Campaign Content tips

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  1. Empathise with the reader - use their language and identify with their pain point.
  2. Help them be aware that you understand their situation, problem or barrier for doing something about it.
  3. Talk about a single topic per communication. If there are 5 things people are afraid of about topic X, then create 5 emails (one for each) - with possibly a 6th to summarise.
  4. Briefly (and non-technically) say that you can help.
  5. Provide a Call To Action (CTA) with a clear way of contacting you to discuss how you might be able to help.
  6. Keep the email short.
  7. Use examples or anecdotes to bring your message to life - but keep it short.
  8. Use short paragraphs.
  9. Include an image or related article sometimes (but you don't have to all the time).
  10. Put the issue (pain point) in the Subject.


  1. Talk jargon or about your solution or service in any detail.
  2. Don't talk about yourself (other than you can help) nor list your services.
  3. Provide advice or give away all you solutions - instead you can say you have a method/way that addresses the problem.
  4. Be too long or use long paragraphs (break it up).
  5. Don't put the solution (or jargon) in the Subject.

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