Verify Domain for Facebook Page sharing

According to Hootsuite (a 3rd party social media sharing and scheduler tool), "After December 18, 2017, link preview customization for Facebook Page posts will no longer be supported for links that are not your own."

This is an attempt to reduce the spreading of unauthorised 'fake news' that is claimed to be your own.

This will mean that in some 3rd party sharing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer (and in some cases, Feedsy) the featured image of your shared post to your Facebook Page may not display properly.

The solution:

The suggested solution by Facebook is verifying your domain with your Facebook page. In other words tell Facebook the source of where you are sharing from is owned by you.

  1. Before doing this YOU MUST create your own subdomain (eg
  2. DO NOT VERIFY your default Feedsynews subdomain (eg NOT as this is owned by Feedsy.

Here is how to verify your domain (eg

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