How to schedule quarterly NPS emails

To schedule a NPS for an individual

  1. On a spreadsheet with your subscribers (only a email column is required) add a new column NPS Quarterly.
  2. In this column add a date (DD/MM/YYYY) that you wish to send the first quarterly NPS email.
  3. Note: do not use the current date as the schedule begins at 12am.
  4. Bulk import the spreadsheet assigning the following Columns > Fields:
    1. Email > Email
    2. NPS Quarterly > NPS Quarterly
  5. That's it!

What happens when you trigger a NPS?

  1. Scheduling your Quarterly NPS will trigger an email at 9am on the date specified.
  2. The email asks for a score (from 1-10) on the likelihood of them referring you to a friend or colleague and looks something like this: PREVIEW OF NPS EMAIL
  3. If they click 1-8 they will be asked for feedback on how you can improve.
  4. If they click a 9 or a 10 they will asked for positive feedback and then a referral.
  5. You will receive an email with NPS score, feedback and some recommended actions.
  6. This will repeat every 3 months and cycle again on the anniversary of the NPS Quarterly date.

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