Adding a new story title and text

Adding a new article is easy.

Add new post

  1. Either: Select Stories > Add New or + New > Post


Add title

  1. Type or copy and paste in a title for your article


Add text content - by typing direct

  1. Click on the Visual tab
  2. Type away!
  3. Add formatting (eg Bold, Italic, Bullets and Number Lists)


Add text content - by copy and pasting from external document

  1. Copy your text (eg from Microsoft Word)



  1. In your FeedsyCentre, click on the Text tab
  2. Paste your text (in Text mode)


  1. Click on the Visual tab
  2. Add formatting (eg Bold, Italic, Bullets and Number Lists)

Number and Bullet Lists

  1. If they look OK in Visual mode try leaving them as they appear when pasted in Text mode (skip the other steps below)
  2. Otherwise, remove the Numbers/Bullets
  3. Select Numbers/Bullets in the menu
  4. You may need to backspace then add a return at the start of each Number/Bullet


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